Say goodbye to zits on chin

Anyone who has had acne certainly knows how annoying it is to develop pimples on the face, including zits on the chin. Besides disturbing daily activities, acne on the chin can clearly interfere with appearance, so it needs to be addressed immediately. Basically, acne can occur in anyone of any age. However, this condition is more common in adolescents. In addition to the face, acne can also appear on the chest, neck, shoulders, or back. Acne appears due to a blockage in the hair follicles on the skin. This blockage is caused by dirt mixed with oil and dead skin cells. Recognize the Causes of Acne on the Chin To prevent or eliminate pimples on the chin, you must first know the causative factors. Apart from the blockage in the hair follicles on facial skin, acne on the chin can also be influenced by several other factors such as: Stress Bacteria Increased androgen hormones Excessive oil production on the face Eat foods high in carbohydrates, such as bread, chocolate, and chip
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